The Gamer’s ‘Official’ Charity of Choice

The Betterment of Society – Our Motivation:

Our Mission:
“To combat major societal health issues by harnessing the positive power of video games”

Our Initiatives:
1. Combat childhood obesity through the most powerful learning tool for children, video games
2. The utilization of video games and video game technology to create new and innovative methods, techniques, and approaches to the rehabilitation of those in need.

Our Vision:
Game With Heart’ s vision is to create a trend that will reduce obesity in children today to secure our nation’s future generation’s healthiness by utilizing the most powerful medium that engages today’s society, video games.

Our Goal:
To champion the collaboration of organizations and partners within government, healthcare and the video game industry to create and distribute fun, healthy video games that engage children both physically and mentally leading to social change and the reduction of childhood obesity.
Game With Heart will lead our country’s revolution against childhood obesity and be a major player in the reversal of this epidemic trend by creating games that are fun, entertaining, and backed medically with empirical data with full distribution to the mass population.