Our Story

In 2004, Roger Lloyd opened up one of the first Play N Trade Video Game stores as a franchisee and for the first time in his career entered the world of video games and retail.

An aspiring martial artist at the time, Roger noticed the power of video games from both a negative and positive perspective. Spending hours upon hours running the store he quickly realized that video games could be a contributor to the nation’s childhood obesity crisis or it could help solve the crisis. During this time, Roger was asked to become involved in running the franchise side of the business and becoming a partner.

In 2006, Play N Trade Video Games moved to California to join forces with another franchise, Yakety Yak wireless. The combined entities together grew Play N Trade Video Games to where it is today, the nation’s 2nd largest video game retail chain in the country with over 200 stores.

During this time Nathan and Roger were introduced and quickly formed a strong friendship based on both personality as well philanthropic perspectives. Nathan was working in the nonprofit world on the medical side as the COO of the Centinela Freeman Community Foundation.

One of his main projects was putting together an early detection and prevention outreach program for diabetes by setting up free testing clinics throughout the community as well as providing free educational seminars and evening courses for those affected by the disease. The fact that diabetes can start from a very young age in our society now, and based on the demographics of the Inglewood, CA community in which Nathan was working,from the medical perspective, Nathan identified the social awareness power of video games as potentially being an incredible educational platform and great medium for outreach.

Time went by as both Nathan and Roger stayed in touch however the timing never seemed quite right in their busy careers.

In 2009, they were finally presented with the opportunity to start Game With Heart. Michael Finnigan, chairman of the board for Play N Trade Video Games, was looking for a charity to adopt to give back to society.

He offered to endorse Game With Heart as Play N Trade’s official charity. With the nation’s second largest video game retailer adopting Game With Heart as its official charity of choice, Nathan and Roger had what they needed to start. A large retailer with distribution capabilities directly to their target audience with capabilities for outreach and fund raising.
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